Error messages

Please load iframe with BridApi JavaScript!

This error appears only if you use Brid's uploader API. It will appear if you do not use Brid's JavaScript to load the uploader iframe. This is strictly prohibited. Any custom implementation of the uploader API will result in the error noted above.

Brid maintenance

This error message appears when Brid goes under maintenance. In this case all API functionality is temporarily disabled. This error message should go away by itself once any type of maintenance is complete. If you believe that Brid is not going under any maintenance and this error appears please send us a support ticket.

Upload via API is currently disabled

If this error appears, your account is pending investigation for possible abuse.

Access denied. This incident will be reported.

This error appears if the authorization token exists and is valid, the partner ID also exists, but the user does not have access to this site in Brid. This check exists so that other API users cannot access accounts from different partner sites in Brid.

Invalid domain access

This error message only appears if you are using Brid's uploader via API. The uploader API always does a check on which domain it is located. If it's located on a domain that is different from the one that is entered into Brid as a partner site, the error above will appear. The uploader API can only work on valid domains entered in Brid. Cross domain support is not available.

This partner does not exist

This error appears if a partner ID is entered but the exact ID does not exist in Brid for one reason or another. Make sure you are using the correct partner ID.

Invalid referrer

This error message only appears if you are using Brid's uploader via API. This is a check in place in case the Brid uploader API is not directly loaded.

Invalid partner ID

This error will appear if an invalid partner ID is presented to your request. Each site in Brid has a unique partner ID. Make sure you are using the right one.

Invalid access token

Checks if your Access Token (auth_token) is valid or empty. If there is any issue with your access token, this error message will appear. To confirm what your access token is for your user in Brid, you can navigate to your user list in Brid, click on your email to edit your user and select the API tab in the menu. This will show you your access token key.