Platform API ver. 2.0

Please note that API V2.0 will be deprecated on October 31st. Please make sure to update your API to V3.0

This section will explain in more detail how you can use Brid's PHP API client. With it, you will be able to programmatically control your entire account. This highly available and scalable API includes feeds for playlists and single media items, player embed codes, ad waterfalls, and access to specific media sources and images. You will also find a reference list of endpoints and syntax for API usage.

Each documentation entry provides precise information on how each API method can be used and an example code so you can get started quickly.

You can download our API helper classes from our GIT repo here which also contains starter example files for usage. You just substitute your authorization token and other required parameters and you are already set up to start your custom implementation.

Although you can get all needed info regarding required parameters from our API, here's a quick guide on how to get certain ID's you may need to succesfully use our platform API's:

In many examples of the API you will need a player ID and a site/partner ID. To get these values for your account please follow these steps noted below.

Get a player and/or partner ID
To get a player ID that you can use with the API follow these steps:

  1. Login into the CMS.
  2. Select a site under the MANAGE VIDEOS option on the main left-hand menu.
  3. Select the PLAYERS section on the main left-hand menu.
  4. Click on a player name in your player list.
  5. Notice the following URL in your browsers address bar -

XXXXX is the ID of your player so use this number wherever you need for API purposes.
YYYY is the ID of your site/partner so use this number wherever you need for API purposes.

You can do similarly to get an ID of an outstream unit.