Add video

Use this endpoint to add video to your account.


This method is type of POST and will not receive any GET parameters.


Name Type Description
data[Video][partner_id] *required integer Site id in
data[Video][mp4] *required string Url to the SD video rendition file
data[Video][mp4_ld] string Url to the LD video rendition file
data[Video][mp4_hsd] string Url to the high SD video rendition file
data[Video][mp4_hd] string Url to the HD video rendition file
data[Video][m3u8] string Url to the streaming video rendition file
data[Video][name] *required string Title of the video
data[Video][description] string Description of the video
data[Video][tags] string Comma separated video tags
data[Video][clickthroughUrl] string Set a custom click-through URL for your video
data[Video][channel_id] integer Set the ID of the channel you want this video to belong to
data[Video][age_gate_id] integer Everyone -1, Mature rated - 2, Adult rated - 3
data[Video][publish] string Publish date in format DD-MM-YYYY
data[Video][kill_date] string Kill date in format DD-MM-YYYY
data[Video][image] string URL to your custom starting snapshot
data[Video][encode] bool Set to true if you want the video to be encoded and hosted by Brid
data[Video][copy_snapshot] bool Set to true if you want your snapshot to just get copied into our system
data[Video][copy_thumbnail] bool Set to true if you want your thumbnail to just get copied into our system
data[Video][rejected] bool Set a flag for a video which will disable this video to be displayed in any playlist
data[Video][geo_on] bool Enable GEO targeting for videos
data[Video][geo] string A whitelist of ISO country codes (Alpha-2)
try {
    $api = new BridApi(array('auth_token'=>'b1437c94847d7e19268ad3bda0e46f8f6bc36f45'));
    $post = array('data[Video][partner_id]'=>'123456', 'data[Video][mp4]'=>'', 'data[Video][name]'=>'Title of the video', 'data[Video][channel_id]'=>18);
    $return = $api->post(['videos', 'add'], $post);
catch(Exception $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();

BridApi.php is a small library we provide in our git repository which allows you to quick-start your implementation so we advise you to use it. These examples are made with this library in mind. Make sure to substitute and use your own authorization token and video data when trying out these examples.