List of config parameters

You can see below a complete list of all parameters that the player uses. You can use this as a reference if you want to override any parameter in your custom code implementation of the player.

vpaid_controls: true, // Show VPAID controls while a VPAID ad is displaying
playButtonColor: "#0A0B0D", // Color of the play button
titleBar: true, // Show/hide the title bar when a video displays
slide_inview: false, // Set player to be sticky or not
slide_inview_mobile: false, // Disable sticky player on mobile
width: "640", // Width of player
height: "480", // Height of player
monetize: false, // Set if player is monetizable
autoplay: false, // Set autoplay
autoplay_desktop: false, // Set autoplay for desktop only
autoplay_on_ad: true, // Set if the player should autoplay if ad exists only
force_muted: true, // Set if player should start muted
autoplayInview: false, // Set if player should autoplay if in certain % view
autoplayInviewPct: "50", // Set percentage for autoplay in view
slide_inview_show: "ad_start", // Set when a close button should appear when player goes into sticky
mobile_width_inview: "50", // Set mobile width in % when sticky
slide_inview_seconds: "0", // Set timeout untill close button shows for sticky
share: "url", // Set what the player should share url or video 
debug: false, // Enable player debug info
volume: true, // Show volume controls
fullscreen: true, // Show fullscreen button
controls: true, // Show player control bar 
controlsBehavior: "visible", // Set autohide vs visible for player controls
videoPlayback: "endFrame", // Set if player should show a related videos end screen or starting snapshot
playlistPlayback: "continuous", // Set player to continue playback of a playlist or stop after a video
afterPlaylistEnd: "stop", // Set playlist looping behavior
adFrequency: "1", // Set ad frequency
adOffset: "1", // Set add offset
comscore: "", // Set Comscore ID
pauseOffView: false, // Set if player should pause video content if out of view
pauseAdOffView: false, // Set if player should pause ads if out of view
start_volume: 50, // Set start volume
hover_volume: 0, // Set volume on mouse hover
play_in_page: false, // Set if you want your player behave as Facebook's in-wall player
act_as_outstream: false, // Set if you need your player to act as an outstream unit (load only if an ad exists)
inpage_mobile: true, // Set if you want your player to play in page on iOS
playlistScreen: true, // Show playlist button in player
shareScreen: true, // Show share options in player
c3: "", // C3 paremeter for Comscore
primaryColor: "#0A0B0D", // Set primary color for default skin
adSDK: [  
"brid" // Set ad parser used. Allowed "brid" and "ima" as values.

Additional custom config params:

"staySticky":true // Prevents player from returning to original embed area and thus maintains its stickyness
"startPlaylistIndex":"4" // Automatically start playing back a video with a specific index in the player embedded with a playlist
"freqCap": 5 // Set a frequency cap for ad display per user
"shuffle": true // Set a player to shuffle your playlist
"mobileWidthSticky":"100%" // Set sitcky player width on mobile
"mobileHeightSticky":"300" // Set sitcky player height on mobile