Get data for entire account

Use this endpoint to get a complete overview of your Brid marketplace data.


This method is type of POST and will not receive any GET parameters.


Name Type Description
data[date_from] *required string Starting date
data[date_to] *required string End date
data[demand_id] *required integer A valid demand ID. This param will work only if the filter:demand param is passed in the request
data[filter] *required string Accepted values: demand
data[results] *required string Accepted values: by_day, total

Date format should be in: "YYYY-MM-DD".

    $api = new BridApi(array('auth_token'=>'YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN_HERE'));
        $post = array('data[date_from]'=>'2020-01-01', 'data[date_to]'=>'2020-01-31', 'data[demand_id]'=>'2','data[filter]'=>'none', 'data[results]'=>'by_day');
        $return = $api->post(['marketplace', 'user'], $post);
}catch(Exception $e){
    echo $e->getMessage();

BridApi.php is a small library we provide in our git repository which allows you to quick-start your implementation so we advise you to use it. These examples are made with this library in mind. Make sure to substitute and use your own authorization token and Site ID when trying out these examples.