Platform Release Notes

Added support for inslide units to have specific sizes on mobile
Typo fix in one payment process
Stack trace upgrade

Added autoplay support for Facebook Instant Article embed codes
Fixed joyride positioning on certain resolutions
Fixed some chart displays
Some minor messages CMS fixes
Certain typos through the CMS are now fixed
Fixed certain errors that would popup when a user gets deleted
Added a pause when out of view option in the CMS for players

Added new analytics dashboard
Added live images support
Added suport for custom volume start for players
Added slide direction choice for in-slide outstream units
New WordPress plugin release
CMS re-design
Added configurable size for stay-in-view players on mobile

Added close button support for all outstream units
Fixed fetching of certain Vimeo videos
Optimizations for the ad-deblocker solution

Fixed YouTube syndication issues
Updated geolite DB
Added debug logs for our task queuing system
Updated ffmpeg
Updates to the de-blocker script