Player Release Notes

Fixed rare bug where a linear ad or full slot overlay would not properly position itself in the player when a user selects a previous or next video in a playlist while a third bottom overlay is present in the player

Added support to Brid's SDK parser to accept raw VAST XML as a valid format for ad display

Added support for inslide units to have specific sizes on mobile

Added support for the viewability macro - [viewability]
Removed old analytics calls
Added pause player when 50% out of view option
Start muted option replaced with start volume = 0

Added mobile specific width for stay in view option for the player
Various bug fixes

Added friendly iframe busting support

Ad waterfall player logic improved
Added friendly iframe busting support for outstream units
Various bug fixes
Added feature for outstream units to open on impression instead on ad start
Added inslide units custom positioning
Added new check for autoplay being blocked for users on mobile Chrome when data saver is enabled

Added Google Analytics fallback when missing its ID
Added url validation that accepts //
Added macros support for latitude, longitude and do not track
Ad redirect depth limit increased to 6
Added small fix for various fixed header positions on sites

Added close button for all outstream units
Added autoplay support for some rare VPAID ads
Various bug fixes

Fast scroll breaking in-content outstream units fix
Various bug fixes

Brid SDK parser prioritized in Facebook in-news feed option
Twitter iOS browser OGG autoplay fix
Added ad timeout and VPAID mode macros