UI customization

The BridPlayer SDK offers its users a high level of customization options for the player's appearance. You can easily pass your own drawable elements or colors to the BridPlayer via its builder.


Note: the recommended size for drawable elements is 24dp.

Once all desired methods have been called, create a BridPlayer instance by calling build() on the BridPlayerBuilder object:

BridPlayer bridPlayer = bridPlayerBuilder.build();

The following methods are available:

Mobile UI customization:

The parameters of the method are the IDs of resource files, and if you don't want to modify certain UI elements, it is sufficient to pass null.

// Set the player's skin for various UI elements
public BridPlayerBuilder setPlayerSkin(@Nullable @ColorRes Integer playPauseButtonColor, @Nullable @DrawableRes Integer fullscreenIcon, @Nullable @DrawableRes Integer fullscreenCloseIcon,
@Nullable @DrawableRes Integer unmuteIcon, @Nullable @DrawableRes Integer muteIcon, @Nullable @DrawableRes Integer playlistIcon, @Nullable @DrawableRes Integer exitIcon,
@Nullable @DrawableRes Integer shareIcon, @Nullable @DrawableRes Integer settingsIcon)

// Set the color of the play/pause button
public BridPlayerBuilder setPlayPauseButtonColor(@ColorRes int playPauseButtonCustom)

// Set the icon for entering fullscreen mode
public BridPlayerBuilder setFullscreenIcon(@DrawableRes int fullscreenIcon)

// Set the icon for exiting fullscreen mode
public BridPlayerBuilder setCloseFullscreenIcon(@DrawableRes int fullscreenCloseIcon)

// Set the icon for unmuting the player
public BridPlayerBuilder setUnmuteIcon(@DrawableRes int unmuteIcon)

// Set the icon for muting the player
public BridPlayerBuilder setMuteIcon(@DrawableRes int muteIcon)

// Set the icon for the playlist button
public BridPlayerBuilder setPlaylistIcon(@DrawableRes int playlistIcon)

// Set the icon for the playlist exit button
public BridPlayerBuilder setPlaylistExitIcon(@DrawableRes int exitIcon)

// Set the icon for the share button
public BridPlayerBuilder setShareIcon(@DrawableRes int shareIcon)

// Set the icon for the settings button
public BridPlayerBuilder setSettingsIcon(@DrawableRes int settingsIcon)

// Set the colors of various timeline elements
public BridPlayerBuilder setTimelineColors(@ColorRes int playedColor, @ColorRes int unplayedColor, @ColorRes int bufferedColor, @ColorRes int scrubberColor)

TV UI customization

// Set the player's skin for TV mode UI elements
public BridPlayerBuilder setTvPlayerSkin(@Nullable @DrawableRes Integer circle_button,@Nullable @DrawableRes Integer forward)

// Set the icon for the fast-forward button in TV mode
public BridPlayerBuilder setTVControls(int forwardIcon)

// Set the color of the focus outline in TV mode
public BridPlayerBuilder setTVFocusColor(int focusDrawable)

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