The BridPlayerBuilder is a class used for setting up predefined behavior for the BridPlayer.

The following methods are available:

// Build and return the BridPlayer instance
public BridPlayer build()

// Rebuild and return the existing BridPlayer instance
public BridPlayer rebuild()

// Set whether the player should be in fullscreen mode or not
public BridPlayerBuilder fullscreen(boolean fullscreen)

// Set whether the player should start playing when loaded
public BridPlayerBuilder play(boolean play)

// Set whether the player should be paused when loaded
public BridPlayerBuilder pause(boolean pause)

// Mute the player when loaded
public BridPlayerBuilder mute()

// Unmute the player
public BridPlayerBuilder unmute()

//This method enables setting the corner radius to the player itself. Its value is in pixels.
public BridPlayerBuilder setCornerRadius(int cornerRadius)

//This method selecting the language in which the player and IMA will operate.
//Further information regarding this feature can be found in the following section.
 public BridPlayerBuilder setPlayerLanguage (String countryCode)

// To achieve color modification for credits label, it is necessary to provide a sequence of six hexadecimal characters, excluding the '#' symbol.
public void setCreditsLabelColor(String labelColor)

// Player controller timeout in milliseconds, available from 1.2.1 SDK version
void setControllerTimeoutMs(int mils);

Enable double tap seek feature

//This method facilitates double-click seeking on the player, depending on the number of seconds provided as an integer parameter.
//Number of seconds is passed as an input parameter. If the value is 0, double-tap seeking is disabled.	
//If the value is -1, the default value of 5 seconds is used for seeking.
public BridPlayerBuilder setSeekSeconds(int seekSeconds)

Enable VPAID support

To enable VPAID ad support for the player, it is necessary to set the VPAID support to true in the builder method.

VPAID support allowing the player to play both VAST and VPAID ads simultaneously without
excluding one another.

// Set whether to use VPAID support or not
public BridPlayerBuilder useVpaidSupport(boolean useVpaidSupport)


It is important to note that if you use VPAID support, the performance of the player may be slightly lower.

Therefore, our team recommends using VPAID support in situations where you are sure that you will serve VPAID ads.

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