Getting started

Get an overview of the key features and requirements for the tvOS SDK.

This SDK aims at easily playing videos with or without ads in your tvOS application. Its was written in objective c, and supports swift and objective c programming language. Apps built with this SDK integrate with video hosting, streaming, and analytics services.

Key features

  • HLS, MP4 Progressive, VOD & Live Streaming
  • Google IMA SDK
  • Ad Pods, Tag Waterfall
  • Analytics

Plugin support

SDK has been built to work with a specific plugin version.

BirdTV tvOS SDKGoogleAds IMA tvOS SDK

Intended audience

This guide assumes that you have the necessary tvOS and Objective-C or Swift development skills to work successfully with this SDK for tvOS. You should know how to write and build tvOS applications using Xcode and the latest Apple developer tools.

Terms & Conditions

By adding the Brid SDK for tvOS to your app, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

What’s Next