JW Migration Guide

Migrate content from JW

Migration from the JW platform to Brid is a straightforward and easy process.
Brid has just the right tools you can use to easily migrate your entire video library from JW by following a couple of simple steps.

Preparing your videos from JW for migration

In this step we use JW’s Platform Delivery API to fetch all your videos via MRSS feeds that they provide from the platform.
You can grab playlist specific feeds by using the following notation:


!!! You can find your PLAYLIST_ID on the playlist details page in your JW dashboard OR in the JW Platform Management API in /channels.

By using the above notation you can easily grab MRSS video feeds of all your videos under your JW account.
Once you prepare these feed URL’s you can go to the next step.

Importing videos from JW to Brid

Login into your account in Brid and select a site from the MANAGE VIDEOS option on the main left-hand menu.

Under the VIDEO section, click on MORE to open up additional options.

Now select the ADD FEED option under IMPORT MRSS.

Here you will be greeted with the following screen:

In the top input field just paste the JW MRSS feed URL.

Add a name for your feed so you can easily distinguish between multiple imported feeds
Check the encoded imported videos option if you want all your videos from the feed to be encoded and hosted by us. If this option is left unchecked, all video URL’s from the feed will just be copied into the CMS and hosting will stay with your third-party provider.

If your feeds are dynamic in nature (they populate dynamically from an external source), you may want to check our automatic sync option and set an interval for it so our system automatically checks this feed each X hours to see if there is any new content added into your feed(s). If so, our system will fetch these new videos and add them to your Brid library.

Last but not least, you can associate all videos from a feed to a custom created playlist in Brid. This way you can easily translate all playlists and videos from that playlist in JW to Brid.