Manage Video Library

Manage your video library

Managing video library

You can manage your video library using many API endpoints starting from creating a website, adding videos, managing your players, monetization etc..

On the below listed pages you will find couple of examples using some of the main API functions.


Each user under one account will have it's own API credentials and based on their user role will be supplied with different permissions. Always make sure to provide access to the API only to a trusted user as they will have access to your video library and depending on their role be able to manage it.

Always make sure to provide your API credentials in each request so it can be processed properly. If authentication headers are missing, request will be discarded as a non valid and an exception will be thrown.

When using the /videos/add.json method to add videos into the system always make sure to provide the encode parameter in the request if you want your videos to be hosted within your account.

If you don't have access to the API, please contact us