Here's an example on how to use the uploader widget:

<script src="https://services.brid.tv/js/api.min.js"></script>

<div id="bridApiUploader"></div>

// Initialize the uploader widget
$BridApi.Uploader.init({'access_token' : 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN', 'partnerId' :'YOUR_PARTNER/SITE_ID'});

// Add the "on" event listener
$BridApi.Uploader.on('VideoAddForm', function(e){

// Use e.detail to get all details about the uploaded video like the video ID, embed code etc.


The above code will load the uploader widget on your page and will allow your user(s) to upload a video to Brid. This makes it really easy to implement in any custom CMS system so you can easily add Brid upload video functionality to your custom setup.

It is highly advised that you only give access to users you trust using this widget as your API access code will be exposed on your web pages source.