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Getting Started with Video Platform

This page will help you get started with our Video Platform. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Enterprise Video Platform

Create and use your custom ad tech with a top-of-the-line video platform. Build and grow your business with a vast array of video technology solutions.

  • Video encoding and storage with advanced encoding options (rotate, replace, storyboard, live images, closed captions)
  • Quickly and easily stream live events to your audience on any device
  • Grab media content from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or using automatic MRSS feed ingestion
  • Protect media content with geofencing, signed URLs or domain whitelisting
  • Stream media content using Airplay & Chromecast
  • AMP & Facebook Instant Articles support
  • Video playlists and customizable playlist widget
  • Recommended videos, Video engagement booster, AI content matching
  • Social sharing options including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more
  • Syndicate content to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter
  • Outstream units: In-content, In-slide, Native, Any-Ad™
  • Receive notifications using webhooks
  • Powerfull real-time Analytics & Reports
  • ComScore & Nielsen Ratings integrations
  • Monetize unfilled inventory utilizing Brid Marketplace
  • Whitelabel platform for large companies and Ad agencies

Brid HTML5 Video Player

The Brid Player is a state of the art HTML5 video player with the following feature set:

  • Powerful JavaScript API so you can control many aspects of the player programmatically.
  • 12+ professionally designed skins so you can skin the player as needed.
  • Responsive sizing for your player embed codes so that your player follows the dimensions of your responsive site.
  • Social sharing options including Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Adaptive Streaming with HLS & MPEG-DASH
  • Integrate with your own branding by uploading custom logo or play button
  • Certified Google IMA integration - Google Video Technology Partner.
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and overlay
  • Monetization with VAST, VPAID 2, & Google IMA Ad Tags
  • Unlimited ad waterfall (ad schedules)
  • Prebid (for all ad slots)
  • Direct Prebid SpotX and Amazon A9 header bidding integration
  • Ad Podding (multiple ad slots)
  • Premium ad macros & Ads geo-fencing
  • Banner fallback for video slot
  • Ad Fraud and Brand Safety plug-in
  • Customizable sticky options

Mobile SDKs

  • iOS and tvOS SDKs
  • Android SDK

All you need to get started is a free Brid account.

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Getting Started with Video Platform

This page will help you get started with our Video Platform. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

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