Getting started

Getting started with our API



Dear Publisher, Starting March 1st, 2024, we will deprecate API v2. To ensure continued service, please migrate to API v3 before the deprecation date.

In this documentation you can find all required information to use our APIs, backend and player API as well. You will find all relevant data in regards to the above mentioned APIs in this documentation including some examples on how it should be used.

Content Management (Backend API)

In our backend API we provide our users with a way to manage their video library without having to log into Brid CMS each time. Using our backend API methods you can easily integrate multiple features into your custom system and facilitate things like uploading videos, adding new players, managing monetization and many more. Our backend API allows only authenticated requests so make sure to always include authentication in your requests.

Web Player API

Using our players API, users are able to perform different kind of player implementations on their end using plain JavaScript code. This way users can execute custom functions once the player is loaded, setup custom monetization options through JS, play custom video sources when needed and leverage many other implementations. Our player has a lot of methods, events and actions that you can hook onto and perform almost anything you would need for any kind of player use. You can read more about different player methods and events on the below API reference.

In this section you will find information on how to integrate all functionality that Brid brings into your site or even your own custom made CMS.