Getting started

Oustream units

Brid outstream units are a special units which don't require any video content to be associated with the.

Their main purpose is to serve an and disappear once the ad playback has completed.
There are couple of different Outstream units which are provided in Brid:

  • In-content
  • In-slide
  • Any-Ad
  • Native ad unit

The in-content outstream unit is made to appear inside your content if an available ad exists while the in-slide unit will slide in from a corner of your site the moment an ad is available.

The Any-Ad unit behaves the same as the in-content unit only it has an option to fall back to any size display banner code if no pre-roll is available for display.

Native ad units are special as they do not use VAST/VPAID ad tags and when embedded with a video from your inventory, the video itself becomes the ad.