Livestream Setup recommendations

Setting up and running a live stream

Configure a live stream in Brid

In our system users can setup a live stream which will run through our player and as well have it multicast to multiple sources like YouTube or Facebook at the same time.

Users can as well push ads inside the live stream to all users at the same time using the built in push ad functionality inside the CMS.

Users are as well able to track the livestream performance at any time.

Creating a live server instance

First thing when creating a livestream through our system is creating a livestream server instance.
There are a couple of different types of servers which you can create depending on your needs: low, medium, high and ultra. Depending on the quality of the stream you should choose the appropriate server. Number of connections will not have an effect on this setting.
Also, if your stream is running for a specific period of time you can setup the server to automatically shut down after a specific period of inactivity.

Once you've setup your settings please allow for some time before the server is configured and ready for use.


Once server setup is completed, you will be able to create your livestream.

As soon as you enter live stream title and description you will be able to grab RTMP URL and Stream key (Name) and set them up in your encoder.

Recording a live stream

As soon as the livestream has started you will have the ability to record it and later reproduce it as a VOD. To achieve this, make sure to click on "Go Live" button and also to click on "End stream" for the recording to finish.