Overview (Android SDK)

The documentation for the Android SDK video player describes the BridTV SDK, which can be integrated into Android applications for mobile and TV devices.

This player allows integration with various video hosting, streaming, and analytics services. By integrating these services into your application, you can enhance the user's media playback experience, monetize your app, and find new ways to increase user engagement.

The documentation provides detailed explanations of the SDK's features and capabilities, as well as implementation examples to help you successfully integrate the BridTV media player into your application.

You can find an official example mobile app with our SDK on the PlayStore at the link below:


Android Mobile App

Additionally, you can find an example of our SDK with a link to a TV application at the following location:

Android Tv App

Android Tv App

Furthermore, you can download our demo Android application at the following link, which demonstrates the basic functionalities of the Android SDK:

Official Demo App

Official Demo App

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