Thumbnail Seek

Available from version 1.2.5 BridSDK.

The Thumbnail Image Seek feature, introduced in BridSDK version 1.2.5 for iOS, enhances the user experience by providing a preview thumbnail image during video seeking operations. This feature aids in precise navigation within the video content, offering a more intuitive and efficient user interaction.


By default, the Thumbnail Image Seek feature is not enabled. To activate this feature, it is necessary to configure the Brid Player builder accordingly. The activation is done using the setSeekPreviewEnabled method in the builder. The method accepts an integer parameter to determine the activation mode:

[self.player setSeekPreviewEnabled:(int)value];
player.setSeekPreviewEnabled(value: int)

When set to 1, the feature is enabled and will be visible in all operational modes of the player.

When set to 2 the thumbnail image preview during seeking will be available exclusively when the player is in fullscreen mode.